Bitpoint Hacked for $32 Million, Another Example of Crypto’s Volatility

A Tokyo-based cryptocurrency exchange called Bitpoint has suspended operations after it lost $32 million to a hacking last night. The company that runs the exchange, Remixpoint, discovered that ¥3.5 billion worth of various digital currencies had disappeared under its management. Bitpoint Hacked and Suspends Operations According to the exchange, the funds went missing from a hot wallet (a wallet connected to the internet), but other funds held in cold wallets or offline haven’t been affected. The hacking was brought to light when an error appeared in the exchange’s outgoing funds…

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CBOE Bitcoin (BTC) Futures Reach Record-Low Volatility

Bitcoin (BTC) futures hit record low volatility in October on the US Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE), MarketWatch reported yesterday. CBOE Bitcoin (BTC) Futures Kevin Davitt, a Senior instructor at CBOE Options Institute, published a video on November 1st outlining the volatility decline. In the video above, Davitt outlines that the average weekly volatility for XBT-CBOE Bitcoin (BTC) futures on the week ending October 26th was just three percent. This is the lowest level of volatility since the futures contracts launched on December 10th, 2017. As of the first of…

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