XRP Could Upswing Despite Growing Uncertainties Around the Token

Controversy continues to surround Ripple’s XRP token, and the company’s incentivizing of partners to start using its cross-border payment solution has flooded the crypto’s market supply. However, despite all this uncertainty surrounding XRP, one analyst thinks that the cryptocurrency is bound for a huge upswing. Ripple Paid Moneygram to Use Its Cross-Border Remittance Service Over the past week, Ripple has made headlines regarding a number of events directly linked to its native token, XRP. For instance, on February 26, Moneygram reported that payments from Ripple in the last two quarters…

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ECB Questions Stablecoin Stability Amidst Regulatory Uncertainties

Stablecoins are not immune to uncertainties. Those are the sentiments shared by the European Central Bank (ECB). According to the regulator, stablecoin stability could be hampered by the uncertainties stemming from the lack of regulations. Uncertainties The fact that regulatory pressures do affect fiat currencies is one of the tailwinds that could take a toll on the stability of stablecoins. For instance, these coins pegged on fiat currencies, such as Tether (USDT), are always subject to volatility in line with regulatory policies instituted by the FED to protect the dollar. The…

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Facebook in Discussions with CFTC but Uncertainties Continue

Some weeks back, Facebook indicated that it was launching a cryptocurrency payment service called Project Libra. The company has had a series of talks with various e-commerce companies as well as financial firms seeking support for the payment service. The latest discussions involve the US Commodity and Futures Trading Commission regarding Facebook’s stable coin initiative: GlobalCoin. CFTC Indicates Interest The Financial Times reported on Sunday that Christopher Giancarlo, the chairman of CFTC, had confirmed that talks regarding the support for the stablecoin were in early stages. He added that the goal…

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