Voting on the Blockchain | South Korea Tests New Technology

South Korea has just become the first East Asian country to legalize medical marijuana. But it may be the second to put voting on the blockchain. Japan is already trialing the technology to allow citizens to cast votes on “social contribution projects.” South Korea has been an advocate of blockchain technology though it has a strict stance towards cryptocurrency. It makes sense that it would follow in Japan’s footsteps. Voting on the Blockchain in South Korea Democratic voting on the blockchain is one of the most controversial applications of blockchain…

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South Korea Lifting ICO Ban?

According to The Korea Times, South Korean financial authorities are discussing plans to re-introduce ICOs into the country. Last September, the South Korean government banned ICOs, not trusting cryptocurrencies and their lack of regulation. However, this didn’t deter South Korean startups. Instead of running ICOs in their own country, they simply turned to foreign investments to get their startups running. Now, this may no longer be necessary. An anonymous source stated: “The financial authorities have been talking to the country’s tax agency, justice ministry, and other relevant government offices about…

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