How to Beat Trading Losses in a Cryptocurrency Market Slump

Losing money is painful, and since it can disrupt your way of life, many people try to avoid it. As volatile as the crypto market is, losses can be inevitable, but you can master the market. The reality of financial markets is that there will always be highs and lows, just like other segments of life. Amid the lingering bear market that cryptocurrencies have languished in for several months now, some nuggets can help. For many people who entered the trading scene at the onset of the price slump, finding a…

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Bitcoin Rally | Cryptocurrency Makes a Comeback After Major Slump

Many in the financial world this week were claiming Bitcoin was “dead” after it hit its 2018 record lows this week. What they didn’t predict was a Bitcoin rally. On Sunday, the world’s first digital currency hit just above $3,600 a coin, which is the coin’s record-low this year. Bitcoin hadn’t seen below $3,700 since mid-September 2017, and this past week, the cryptocurrency was down almost -40% for the month. However, on Tuesday night that all began to shift. Bitcoin Rally In around 60 minutes, Bitcoin jumped up in price…

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