Rocke Malware | Sneaky Monero Miner Can Disable Cloud Security

There is a new malware out there to watch out for. Dubbed the Rocke Malware, this form of cryptojacking has the ability to disable cloud security software so as to illicitly mine for Monero (XMR) undetected. Rocke Malware Discovered Cybersecurity firm Palo Alto Networks is the team behind the worrying discovery. It published a report yesterday saying that the hacking goes by the disguise the Rocke Group and is targeting public cloud systems. If downloaded, the malware takes administrative control, uninstalls cloud security products and then inputs a code that mines for…

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The US Department of Homeland Security

The US Government has just released an announcement that it is offering grants up to $800 thousand for the development of a blockchain-based anti-forgery solution. The US Department of Homeland Security is focusing its blockchain efforts on enhancing its capabilities of spotting fake documentation. US Department of Homeland Security and Blockchain The DHS, through its unit Science and Technology Directorate (S&T), will distribute the non-dilutive funds in four phases. The department chose the non-dilutive route so that the entity doesn’t need to sell equity in order to receive the funding.…

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