Blockchain Island Malta to Put All Rental Contracts on the Blockchain

Malta has welcomed cryptocurrency with open arms for the last two years—so much so, that several major crypto-related operations have set up shop there. In a bid to become the world’s greatest blockchain island, the company has brought major Asian exchanges Binance and OKEx, as well as Indian exchange Zebpay to its shores. Now, the jurisdiction is once again putting blockchain technology to good use and embracing it wholly. The Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat, announced yesterday evening that every rental contract in Malta would be registered on the blockchain. Rental…

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Tokenized Real-World Asset | Luxury Condo Put on Ethereum Blockchain

It’s the first of its kind. According to Forbes, a luxury condo development in Manhattan, which is valued at more than $30 million, will be tokenized on the worldwide Ethereum blockchain, making the luxury condo a tokenized real-world asset. The building comprises of 12 units at 1700 sq ft each and is located on 436 & 442 E 13th St in Manhattans, East Village. The listing broker on the deal is Ryan Serhant. He and the developer are looking to tokenization as a new method of financing. He says: “With…

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