Binance Introduces Native XRP on Binance Chain

Over the years, Binance has consistently proven to be one of the most innovative crypto exchanges in the world, and hence, it is no surprise that it is currently the biggest exchange in the world by trading volume. New Products The exchange has been very proactive in introducing new products and tokens that have gone on to become major players in the entire crypto ecosystem. In a new development, the company has announced that it is going to launch a new token that is 100% backed by XRP, the third-biggest…

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HTC’s Blockchain Phone | Native Crypto Wallet Now Available

According to CoinTelegraph, HTC’s blockchain phone, Exodus 1, now allows users to trade cryptocurrency directly from the phone’s native crypto wallet. The Taiwanese technology giant made the announcement early on Tuesday. Exodus 1 Blockchain Phone – Native Wallet Trading HTC’s Zion Vault will now allow swaps between various cryptocurrencies. The new feature is the result of a partnership with Kyber Network—a dedicated platform for cross-token trading solutions. HTC has added Kyber’s liquidity protocol and this allows easy swaps. The swapping pairs include Ethereum-based ERC-20 tokens, including basic attention token (BAT), Kyber…

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