Bitcoin Price Drop | BTC Loses $400 in Just 30 Minutes

It was looking so promising for Bitcoin price last week. The largest coin by market cap surged passed the $4,000 USD mark, only to crash back down on Sunday, February 24th. Bitcoin Price Drop Bitcoin dropped a huge $400 USD in just 30 minutes, declining 10% from $4,150 to roughly $3,805 in a short space of time. There was no catalyst for the sudden drop, except for investors taking their profits while they can. $4,180 was a six-week high for the coin, and while the price has dropped, daily volumes…

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BitTorrent Token (BTT) Sale Over in Minutes

The BitTorrent Token (BTT) sale on Binance took place yesterday. In under 15 minutes, $7.1 million was raised, selling 50 billion BTT token. Binance announced the conclusion of the sale via an official blog post on their website. BitTorrent Token (BTT) Sale The token sale ran in two different sessions: One for purchasing BTT with TRON (TRX) and the other purchasing BTT with Binance Coin (BNB). Both sale sessions ended quickly. This didn’t go without a hitch though. It seems Binance wasn’t fully prepared for the amount of traffic it was…

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