GMO Mining Halted | GMO Internet Group Loses Mining Revenue

Japan’s GMO Internet Group has published a report on its in-house crypto mining operations. The IT giant confirmed that it took a steep hit in its overall GMO mining revenue. However, it steadily increased its monthly BTC mining rewards. GMO Mining Revenue The company showed “extraordinary loss” from its hardware manufacturing sector in Q4 of 2018. As a result, GMO said it will “no longer develop, manufacture and sell” miners. The company only entered the mining hardware sector in 2017, so that was very short-lived. However, while it will close its hardware…

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Bitcoin Drop | Bitcoin Loses $200 in 24-hours, Crypto Market Follows

The crypto market is suffering huge losses across the board today. And leading the drop-off is the largest coin by market cap; Bitcoin dropped from over $6,500 to a new two-week low of $6,243 in early trade today. The coin has lost over $200 in a 24-hour period, and as happens more commonly than not, there is no definite reason for the sudden drop. Bitcoin Drop The sudden Bitcoin drop has come somewhat as a surprise. The world’s biggest coin has been hovering between $6,600 and $6,400 for 14-days straight. A…

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