New Zealand Tax Authorities Give the Go Ahead for Crypto Payroll

The crypto train has not yet stopped chugging along. More and more companies and countries are looking to get involved in the crypto sector, despite the hardships it has faced the past year. New Zealand just so happens to be the latest country, with reports coming out on Tuesday that said the sovereign island country will allow employers to pay their workers in cryptocurrency. Here’s everything we know. New Zealand Allows Employers to Pay Staff in Cryptocurrency This month, New Zealand tax authorities published a ruling that featured a section…

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Bitcoin Rewards | Safeway Partners with Lolli to Give BTC to Customers

Safeway will soon reward customers with up to 3.5% back in Bitcoin on all their purchases. The grocery chain has partnered with Bitcoin rewards shopping app Lolli in a bid to make Bitcoin a “part of everyday life.” Safeway and Bitcoin Rewards The new partnership, announced earlier today, has come as a surprise. Safeway announced that the new initiative will be available at all of its 894 locations in 17 American states. The system will reward customers with Satoshis, or one hundred millionth of one Bitcoin. In other words, a minute amount…

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