The Purpose Behind the LKS Foundation: A Blockchain-Inspired Organization

The LKS Foundation is an Italian non-profit foundation that aims to promote initiatives that use the principle of sharing information through blockchain technology and spread the culture of fintech to innovate in sectors such as crowdfunding, ICO, and decentralized finance technologies. The Foundation’s President, Federico Olivo, is chairman and co-founder at Vistra SRL, a company specialized in offering consult and training services on Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE). With over 20 years of experience, Federico has a background in entrepreneurship, management, process mapping, and optimization; offering a unique perspective…

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Ethereum (ETH) | Foundation Hands Out Over $3 Million in Awards

The Ethereum (ETH) Foundation has just announced its fourth set of grants given out to 20 individuals and groups working on the Ethereum blockchain. [Blog] Ethereum Foundation Grants Update – Wave IV #ethereum #grants — Ethereum (@ethereum) October 15, 2018 Ethereum (ETH) Grants According to the official press release, the total amount of the fourth round of awards was just over $3 million USD. >> TRON (TRX) ‘Partnership’ with Baidu has Nothing to Do with Blockchain In the announcement, the Ethereum Foundation expresses its gratitude to members of…

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