Bitwise Files Bitcoin ETF With SEC

According to a US Government SEC registration form, cryptocurrency index fund provider Bitwise Asset Management has applied to launch a new Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) with the government body. An ETF is a platform that tracks and trades an asset in the same way as stocks are traded on an exchange. Will Bitwise manage to succeed where so many others are failing? Bitwise Files Bitcoin ETF Bitwise’s proposal is for an ETF that tracks the value of Bitcoin via the Bitwise Bitcoin Total Return Index. This value is “calculated based…

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Mastercard Files Blockchain Patent | Crypto/Fiat trading Will Be Faster

Mastercard files blockchain patent: Mastercard has filed another blockchain patent. According to a US Patent and Trademark Office, the company filed the patent July 17. The new patent is aimed at consumer protection and blockchain payment transactions.  The patent document outlines its main goal: to quicken merchant transactions that use cryptocurrencies. Currently, the length of time it takes to confirm and complete transactions is making exchanges with crypto’s difficult and inefficient. Even though the technology is already widely available that could make the whole process instantaneous. The application includes an outline for…

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