JPM Coin Fails to Impress Ripple’s Brad Garlinghouse… Again

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has spoken out about JPM coin once again. This time, he gave the major US bank some praise for its new venture. Garlinghouse participated in a fireside chat yesterday at the 4th annual DC Blockchain Summit in Washington D.C. where he further discussed his views of the new bank coin. Brad Garlinghouse and JPM Coin DC Blockchain Summit March 6th 2019Brad Garlinghouse talking about JPM Coin#xrp #ripple #xrpcommunity #crypto #blockchain #xrpthestandard #0doubt #xrparmy β€” ΰΌœΰΌπŸ…‚πŸ…ƒπŸ…„πŸ„°πŸ…πŸ…ƒπŸ…‡πŸ…πŸ„ΏπŸ’§βš‘ (@stuart_xrp) March 6, 2019 In the chat yesterday, Ripple’s CEO…

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Fake Bakkt Website Emerges but Fails to Scam Crypto Investors

A new Bitcoin (BTC) scam website has emerged. Back in 2017, when the cryptocurrency market hit mainstream news, scam sites began blowing up. Since everyone was so desperate to get their hands on digital currency or invest in a project that could give them 10X the return, the scammers often won. Now, cryptocurrency investors are much more cautious, and this new fake Bakkt website was easily identified. Fake Bakkt Website Caught In August of 2018, the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) announced Bakkt would be launched in late-January 2019. ICE currently operates…

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Token Sale Fails | Why Some ICOs Don’t Have a Chance

Last year was quite a run for cryptocurrencies. Led by a crazy run by Bitcoin but also boosted by ICO funding craze. The media kept the eye-popping amounts some of these companies were raising via token sales in the headlines which created a feeding frenzy that hasn’t really slowed down yet. To many, it certainly must have seemed like a quick, easy way to raise funding. The reality is that it’s difficult and very expensive to run a successful ICO, and with each passing month, it gets even tougher. Fortune…

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