Coinbase Upgrades | Wallet App and OTC Desk Get Improvements

Coinbase has released two large announcements regarding features on some of its platforms in the last 24 hours. The San Fransico-based cryptocurrency exchange made a large upgrade to its Coinbase wallet, and it also announced that Coinbase Custody is directly integrated with its OTC trading desk. The new Coinbase upgrades should have crypto enthusiasts thrilled. Coinbase Upgrades: Wallet App You can now easily transfer crypto from your account to your user-controlled Coinbase Wallet app with just a couple of clicks — Coinbase Wallet (@CoinbaseWallet) March 12, 2019 Coinbase…

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Goldman Sachs CFO States Company ISN’T Ditching Bitcoin Trading Desk

If you’ve been monitoring the cryptocurrency market on a daily or weekly basis, you probably noticed that the market took a big nosedive this week. This is mostly due to the rumor going around mainstream media about Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) putting a stop to its Bitcoin exchange desk—a rumor that the Goldman Sachs CFO put a stop to. The story originated from Business Insider. There are other speculations as to why the market dropped, but the overall consensus comes down to panic selling because the giant investment bank pulled its crypto…

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