BitGo Commences Service for Staking Coins

Over the years, the crypto exchange industry has evolved at a remarkably fast pace, and one of the well-known innovators in this space has been BitGo. Recently, the crypto exchange space has seen a spike in the development of staking services for customers, and in a new development, BitGo has decided to launch that service as well. BitGo’s Staking Service A staking service is a deposit on an exchange by way of which a user can earn annual returns on their crypto holdings. According to the announcement made by the…

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The SEC Launched a Fake ICO for Howey Coins

The SEC launched a fake ICO website called HoweyCoins to educate the public on how to keep an eye out for fraudulent initial coin offerings. The SEC Launched a Fake ICO, but Why? HoweyCoins is meant to be an “all too good to be true investment opportunity” that shows how easy it is for scammers to set up something that looks believable. “The rapid growth of the ‘ICO’ market, and its widespread promotion as a new investment opportunity, has provided fertile ground for bad actors to take advantage of our…

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Top Coins Today | Tezos and DigixDAO Lead the Pack

According to, there are two top coins today. In the top 100, leading the pack and standing out for their double-digit gains are Tezos and DigixDAO. In 24 hours, both coins have increased almost 17%. So what’s going on with these two? Top Coins: Tezos and DigixDAO This morning, Tezos began listing on European exchange Kraken. The news has seen the coin increase nearly 17% in the 24-hour period. That is some gain. The 18th largest coin by market cap, Tezos (XTZ), began trading at 11:00 ET. To allay…

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