Bitcoin’s 2017 Boom Largely Fueled by a Single Trader

Bitcoin’s 2017 bull run, which saw the world’s leading digital asset top out at nearly $20,000 USD, was mostly driven by a lone anonymous trader, according to analysis gathered by two finance professors from the University of Texas and Ohio State University. Professors John Griffin and Amin Shams analyzed over 200 gigabits of data relating to the transaction history between Bitcoin and Tether, another highly controversial stablecoin, and found that the surge in value in late 2017 was attributable to one large player, or a whale in the crypto world, but…

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Swissquote Shows Surge in Profits Because of the “Crypto Boom”

Online bank Swissquote opened its banking doors to accommodate Bitcoin trading accounts for its clients in July of 2017. It was thought to be the first European online bank to do this. A year on, and Swissquote has revealed the fruits of its labor for adopting the cryptocurrency with a 44% surge in profits attributed to the “Crypto Boom” in the early half of 2018. According to Finews, the online bank’s massive growth in Q1 2018 was thanks to a “brisk demand” for crypto products and the eruption of the crypto markets earlier…

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