Chinese Investors Jump on Bitcoin’s Bull Trend but at a Higher Price

Cryptocurrency investment is on the rise right now, especially due to the recent Bitcoin uptick. BTC’s recent climb attracted Chinese investors, but they’re paying a premium price because they have to pay extra to purchase over the counter. China previously banned cryptocurrency exchanges from operating within its borders and also banned crypto trading. However, Chinese crypto investors have been using OTC platforms to access the cryptocurrency markets. The downside is that they have to purchase Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at a higher price than the officially listed market value. Some…

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Bitcoin’s Fall from Grace | Warren Buffett Said It All Along

Talk of the crypto-town is Bitcoin’s massive fall from grace. It seemed to be holding steady at around $6,300/$6,400 for most of October, but now it’s holding on for dear life. Mid-November saw the coin drop unprecedentedly. It began crashing and continues to today. At the time of writing, Bitcoin is priced at $4,2oo per coin and down a further 4% on the day. What Happened? Some will blame Bitcoin Cash’s hard fork for creating an industry scare. Some will blame talk of regulatory scrutiny for rattling investors. But others…

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