Apple Watching Cryptocurrencies, Says Vice President Bailey

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) has been and continues to be an influential company; and if it’s looking at the crypto industry, you know virtual currencies must be doing something right. According to sources, that’s what the tech giant is doing, with VP Jennifer Bailey stating it is “watching cryptocurrency.” Here’s what we know. Apple Watching Cryptocurrencies: The Facts At a private event in San Francisco, VP of Apple Jennifer Bailey took the stage, explaining to the crowd that the billion-dollar company is “watching cryptocurrency,” as it thinks the industry has “interesting long-term…

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Ethereum will Hold Apple and Tesla Stock Next Week

A digital exchange opening next week allows investors to trade in major public companies using digital currency on Ethereum. DX.Exchange is a first of its kind in the cryptocurrency space. The exchange allows trades to occur even when the markets are closed. Stocks Held on the Ethereum Blockchain DX.Exchange will at first offer digital tokens based on shares of ten Nasdaq-listed companies. The company plans on expanding to the New York Stock Exchange in the future. “We saw a huge market opportunity in tokenizing existing securities,” Daniel Skowronski, CEO of…

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