Facebook Wasting No Time Developing Recently Announced Libra Coin

Last week, the world received highly anticipated news. After the story circulated through the media ranks for months, Facebook finally confirmed it. Yes, the social media giant has moved into the crypto market, rolling out a cryptocurrency called the Libra coin. While a new venture for the company, Facebook is wasting no time jumping in. Here’s the latest happening with Facebook and the Libra coin. Facebook’s Libra Coin Needs Data Engineers This week, Facebook posted a job description indicating that it’s looking for a data engineer to work at Calibra wallet,…

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Devcon4 Dates Announced | Ethereum’s Annual Conference

Ethereum (ETH) has announced the dates for this year’s Devcon4. The annual Ethereum conference has focused on research, development, developers, and other Ethereum-based presentations for the past four years. It is a hotly anticipated event on the Ethereum calendar every year.  Devcon4 – What Do We Know? This year, the annual event will be taking place in Prague from October 30-November 2, 2018. In previous years it has taken place in Mexico, China, and the UK. [Blog] Devcon4 Announcement. Join us in Prague Oct 30 – Nov 2! #ethereum #devcon4 — Ethereum…

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