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Military Veterans have “served; the term “served” is not used to describe other noble professions like doctors or teachers, rather it is reserved for Veterans and for good reason. Veterans give back to those around them. Veterans tend to be mission focused and are motived by a higher purpose. Those traits are also common among many leaders in the Blockchain Community. This means that Veterans are well suited for leadership roles in blockchain companies. Here are few examples of some of the Veterans who are shaping the future of the blockchain.


ZenCash: Air Force Veteran Rob Viglione

The Project: ZenCash is a decentralized and anonymous blockchain platform designed to support media, money, and messaging. The platform uses end to end encryption to keep messages, financial transactions, and publications anonymous and secure. After gaining early success, this Veteran run organization has moved into solving blockchain scaling and fair voting on the blockchain.

The Veteran: Rob Viglione is the Co-Founder of ZenCash and the President of the Zen Blockchain Foundation. Rob served in the US Air Force as an officer leading teams of data analysts and software project teams. “I’ve heard it said that grit is the single biggest determinant of success. I agree with that, and I can’t think of a better way to gain it than by serving in the military,” says Rob.


MilitaryToken: Marine Veteran Ramy Ramirez

The Project: MilitaryToken is the fuel for the VetStoreUSA eCommerce platform. MilitaryToken is an Ethereum based cryptocurrency seeking to bring the benefits of the blockchain to Veteran-Owned Businesses, Veteran Support Nonprofits, and all those who support them.

The Veterans: Serving alongside several Veterans from the US Navy, US Marines, US Army, and US Air Force is Ramy Ramirez, the Executive Vice President of VetStoreUSA which is backing MilitaryToken. Ramy served in the elite US Marine Special Operations teams and earlier in his career deployed on combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition to his relationship with MilitaryToken, he gives talks about the usefulness of blockchain technology and is serving as an Advisor for a blockchain startup. “One of the traits SOCOM operators are selected for is the ability to work in uncertain and ever-changing environments with limited guidance. The world of blockchain is fluid. It’s ever-changing,” says Ramy.


NextPakk: Air Force Veteran Lowell Fortune

The Project: NextPakk is a blockchain based last mile logistics company that seeks to give shipping customers more control over their packages. Aiming to increase convenience and security of package delivery, through the use of NextPakk’s coin called Pakka, packages can be tracked and service providers can be rewarded.

The Veteran: Lowell Fortune is the Founder and CEO of NextPakk. Lowell is a US Air Force Veteran who served as a nuclear missile launch commander. “Based upon experience as a missileer, I understand what it means to be on guard to protect,” says Lowell.


Blockchain Global Advisors: Marine Veteran Mant Hawkins

The Project: Blockchain Global Advisors is a consulting firm with 16 consultants. So far, the company has launched or is launching significant projects in investing in crypto and utilizing the blockchain to securely track non-digital, highly valuable assets.

The Veteran: Mant Hawkins is the President of Blockchain Global Advisors. Mant is a retired US Marine Colonel and Fighter Pilot. Mant has advised four-star Generals and Admirals and says, “I combine combat-proven lessons of US Marine Corps leadership, discipline, and execution excellence into an entrepreneur’s business management style.


True Tickets: Navy Veteran Steven Dobesh

The Project: True Tickets is a blockchain based ticketing platform for all types of live performances. The goal of this project is to put ticketing price control into the hands of the artists, the content creators, where it belongs.

The Veterans: Steven Dobesh is the Co-Founder and President of True Tickets and works alongside his other Co-Founder, the CEO Matt Zarracina a former US Navy helicopter pilot. Steven is also a US Navy Veteran, a pilot, and worked at the Pentagon advising the Joint Chiefs of Staff on how the Department of Defense could utilize blockchain technology to improve logistics management. “The real value of the blockchain ecosystem is in the advantages of distributed ledgers and using blockchains to ensure providence, auditability, traceability, and security of the transactions,” says Steven.


Crypto Twitter: Army Veteran @SoCal_crypto & Navy Veteran @PotatoMcGruff

The Project: Crypto Twitter is hard to define because it is not a project and has no leader. But it is an important part of the blockchain community and two Veterans on Crypto Twitter are @Socal_crypto and @PotatoMcGruff

The Veterans: @Socal_crypto is a US Army Veteran who worked in military communications and has been paying attention to crypto since Bitcoin was valued at less than fifteen dollars. SoCal_crypto’s tweets are passionate as illustrated here, “Bitcoin is the single greatest thing to have happened for personal liberty and freedoms since the signing of the Declaration of Independence.” He is both a miner and a trader and shares his ideas in the hopes of educating others by his example. @PotatoMcGruff is currently still serving in the highly respected US Navy Chief senior enlisted community. PotatoMcGruff’s lighthearted tweets reflect his helpful nature which is also evident in his articles educating newbies using lessons from the military to give advice on crypto, “While Crypto and the Military may not be the same, I have found that some lessons can be applied to assist with making you a more successful trader.”

These are just some of the Veterans leading the way in the Blockchain Community. Others include a former US Navy Nuclear Engineer who worked on the Etheruem Project, a former US Navy SEAL who wrote a free instruction manual on crypto trading, and a former US Army Green Beret who helped launch the Declaration of Currency Independence with Team McAfee. Veterans are all around us, still serving their communities, and deserve our respect and gratitude for their leadership in the Blockchain Community.

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