Tron Dogs Controversy | Have Your Profits Been Taken Too?


We reached out to yesterday in response to the negative buzz circulating within the Tron Dogs community. David Sun, Head of Global PR & Marketing at, promptly responded back saying:

Recently, there have been various reports of profits being taken from players accounts without consent or a formal announcement. Can you comment on this?

Our newly developed breeding feature had an introductory period of free breeding to showcase the brand new features; players would potentially get a Tron dog from the free breeding of 2 pets, and on top of that, share a prize pool of GTC cryptocurrency without our company making any revenue from fees. As the introductory period ended, we started a normal breeding fee as planned, a small percentage from the GTC prize pool. There was some misunderstanding among the players as some assumed breeding would be free forever, and although we posted the formula in our chatrooms, we apologize for not being more clear on the issue, and can understand that some players might have complaints.

Many other players have also reported trying to contact your company for an extended period of time. Can you also comment on this, as well?

We promptly reply to our support tickets, but there might be some players who have complicated issues or requests that we forward to our tech team to address, and because of our tight development schedule for our games and apps, it might take a bit of time to get to an individual player’s issue.

It remains unclear if this will help clear the air and settle the nerves with some Tron Dogs gamers. Still, receiving a prompt response to the matter is positive news moving forward. Hopefully, in the future, any additional “testing” will be formally announced to the community, no matter the duration or impact.

Any thoughts or concerns regarding this matter? Please leave them in the comment box below!

Originally Published: March 26th, 2018

Tron Dogs has been blowing up the crypto collectible gaming space as of late. Just recently, released new features that finally allows players to breed their dogs with other players dogs and the community has been ecstatic. ran into some controversy and trouble when trying to release their full English version but since was sailing smoothly – until just recently when another Tron Dogs controversy erupted.

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The Tron Dog Community is not happy – there is frustration from not announcing changes before they’re made and misrepresentation of game features. The biggest issue among long-time Tron dog advocates is the fact that they are “testing” a feature of taking a small fee for breeding but it is still shown that breeding is free. A representative from the game, named David, responded to the questions saying:

“We are testing a small fee of half of what extra amount the winner of the higher gtc random prize has over the loser. So if you both split a pot of 80 gtc, and one person gets 41, and the other gets 39, we get 0.5 gtc fee because the winner has 1 extra gtc than the loser.”

Many players responded in the chat saying that there should be some sort of formal announcement saying the free feature had “run out” and they were testing something new. A player by the name of Noah responded, “If it says it’s free, you can also say it’s no longer free just as easy.”

David responded back by saying:

“We said it here and now you know, these are all experimental features we don’t want to make a grand announcement about it on Twitter if they are temporary and under research.”

Still, users of the game are saying far more than just the “small fees” have been taken. If you play Tron Dogs and have been breeding, just a heads up. It seems though that there hasn’t been a lot of individuals coming out of the woodworks about this problem but it may be, that they just haven’t noticed it yet.

I have a pending interview with’s CEO, @gelert, in which I hope to get some answers straight from the source. However, as you can see from the update above,’s marketing team lead answered the questions but I did have a change to interview their CEO. You can view the interview below. 

>>’s CEO Interview

It seems that in order to grow, the team behind the project needs to step-up its transparency and communication efforts.

Have you been affected by this Tron Dogs controversy? Or any more you would like to add? Thoughts? Concerns? Voice them below.

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