Crypto Adoption | Russia Testing and Finland Regulating

The crypto world has continued to grow each passing day, and the industry is closer to global crypto adoption judging from the events and developments of the last week of April.

Crypto Adoption: Russia Opens Four Regions

The Russian Federation has indicated that it is opening four regions in the country to test cryptocurrency. This is a significant milestone towards crypto adoption around the world. The Federation will test crypto innovations in regions that are not under the purview of the current regulations.

A bill drafted by the Economy Ministry of Russia indicates that the Federation will allow regulatory sandboxes to establish a base in these areas. Firms and companies will now experiment with cryptos in the four regions without violating any federal legislation even though crypto assets are yet to be regulated in the country.

An advisor to the Russian President, Kirill Kabanov, stated that for years cryptos have been circulating unregulated in most countries, including Russia. He added that the use of regulatory sandboxes will be vital as test grounds for standards that can be applied in the industry.

Crypto Adoption: Finland Joins the List

Besides Russia, the President of Finland has also approved legislation proposed by the finance ministry that aims to regulate crypto service providers. The proposal puts all crypto services, including issuers, exchanges, and custodian wallet providers, under one law. The Fin-FSA stated that all crypto service providers in the country are required to register with the Financial Supervisory Authority of Finland in line with the legal requirements of the legislation.

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The proposed Act on Virtual Currency Providers is expected to be effective from May 1, 2019. In accordance with the new act, the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority will now act as both the registration and regulatory authority for crypto service providers.

Beginning May 1, only crypto providers that comply with the statutory requirements of the Act will be allowed to continue activities in the country.

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